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SygateŽ Personal Firewall (formerly Sybergen Secure Desktop)
SygateŽ Personal Firewall is personal firewall software that secures your data and computer from Internet intruders or other systems on your network.
(SygateŽ Personal Firewall 2.1 build 471)

SygateŽ Enterprise Network 
SygateŽ Enterprise Network  a centrally managed, distributed personal firewall solution, allows administration and management of Sygate Personal Firewall client computers from a central management console. For product trial and pricing information, contact the Sygate Sales Team at (510) 742-2600 or

SygateŽ Home Network (formerly Sygate for Home Office)
SyGateŽ Home Network enables multiple computers to securely share and manage a single Internet account with your existing network.

(SygateŽ Home Network 4.0 build 697)

SygateŽ Office Network  (formerly Sybergen Access Server)
SygateŽ Office Network is intended for business networks and offers features such as modem pooling, bandwidth allocation, user and group profile management, VPN routing, and enhanced logging for trend analysis of the Internet connection.

(SygateŽ Office Network 3.1 build 560)


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