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Eicon Diva 2440 Router review

Diva ADSL Routers

The Diva ADSL Router product range is as powerful as it is easy to use. The simplicity comes from a WEB enabled, Wizards based interface, designed to have you connected and surfing within minutes.

Diva 2440 ADSL Router

Diva 2480 ADSL Wireless Router

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Diva 2440 ADSL Router

The Diva 2440 ADSL Router is ideal ADSL deployment candidate for home and SOHO LAN environment for multi-user shared high-speed ADSL Internet access. It features Connect and SurfTM – allowing configuration to be automatically performed upon connection to an ADSL line. Built-in PPPoE and PPPoA Internet connectivity eliminates the need to install any connection manager client software on the PCs. Online security is provided by an integrated firewall which is easily configurable via a web browser.

  • Connect and SurfTM simplifies installation and configuration
  • Two users can share Internet access via its Ethernet and USB ports
  • Fifty or more users can share one Internet connection when the Diva 2440 is connected to a hub
  • Built-in firewall provides security online
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Eicon's proprietary Diva Assistant software monitors the modem and Internet connections