Manuais Cisco 827

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DICA: Para quem usa o Win2000, baixe e instale o WINIPCFG para Windows NT / 2000 / XP.

 Comandos Útiles del Router

 Cómo actualizar la IOS


Cisco 827

Most Cisco devices do not come with any GUI as most of the configuration are done thru CLI. But the 872 comes with one. Though not as good as 5660, it is more than enough to get you set up. The samples shown maybe outdated as Cisco most probably have already come out with later GUI. But one thing for sure is that the CLI command is universal, meaning that you can use it most Cisco product. 

I initially included the only the CLI pages but decided to add the GUI for those not familiar with Cisco IOS. But some of the important commands can only be done with CLI, so if you are not familiar with IOS, it will post some problem for you. I will try to guide you as best I can but seriously, people get certified on how to use those commands 

Cisco 827