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Registrar is a DOS front end for Microsoft regedit.exe and scanreg.exe . This little boot disk will allow you to perform various registry functions under DOS, including editing the registry. Click here to learn more.

The Rosetta Stone, which had the same text in three different ancient languages, allowed scientists to crack the Egyptian hieroglyphic language. My Rosetta boot disk is not quite as significant a find as the actual stone, but it does serve a useful purpose. Rosetta provides a means for file management of Microsoft Long File Names using a Graphical User Interface under Real Mode DOS. Click here to read more.

Shards! is a diskette image that will boot your pc to a minimalist installation of Windows 3.1 with some minor enhancements built in. Pretty cool stuff. Click here to read more.

Gameday is a diskette image I created to make playing all those old DOS games easier. Click here to learn more.

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